BGS Advisors

BGS Advisors

Finishing your BYU degree is an exciting time for you! The BGS staff has assisted thousands of former BYU students in resuming their studies, and nearly 1,800 have already graduated. You can do it too!

Here are some ways the BGS advisors can help you as you apply to the program:

  • Access your BYU records and check your eligibility.
  • Determine if the BGS Program is a good option for you.
  • Give preliminary advisement on what you may need to finish your degree, from university core (general education) requirements to the areas of emphasis.
  • Assist you throughout the application process.
  • Provide a thorough and official evaluation of your credits once you officially apply to the program.
  • Assist you in developing your graduation plan.
  • Answer your questions or direct you to the appropriate office.

Once you apply to the program, we are here to support you the entire way. When you are an admitted student, the BGS advisors will:

  • Offer you moral support, motivation, and encouragement.
  • Provide at least a yearly review of your graduation plan.
  • Process your annual ecclesiastical endorsement and matriculation fee.
  • Help you make changes to your graduation plan as needed, ensuring that all requirements are being met.
  • Administer the BGS financial assistance program.
  • Keep you updated about program developments, events, and resources.
  • Guide you through the graduation process.
  • Answer your questions or direct you to the appropriate office.

Make an appointment to meet with your advisor. Your advisor can meet with you:

  • in person
  • through video calls
  • over the phone
  • via email