What Happens When My Application Is Complete?

Your application is complete once we have received the completed BGS application form, the $35 application fee, all transcripts from other universities attended that are not already on file, and the completed online ecclesiastical endorsement. Once your application is complete, a series of evaluations will take place. This processing and evaluation may take up to four weeks, depending on the time of year and the amount and type of transfer credit you have.

Being Notified of Provisional Acceptance

You will be notified of your provisional acceptance once the evaluations are complete and eligibility has been determined. Along with a letter of notification, you will receive an information packet and a summary of your credit evaluations listing requirements that have been completed by prior work. The next step in the admission process is to enroll in the Student Development 100 Independent Study course.

Completing Student Development 100

Instructions for enrolling in Student Development 100 are included in the notification of provisional acceptance. This one–credit BYU Independent Study course can be completed at your own pace; however, a deadline of three to five months (depending on when during a semester you receive your provisional acceptance) will be specified in your provisional acceptance letter.

As part of Student Development 100, you will complete your BGS graduation plan. The materials you receive with your provisional acceptance notification will be used in preparing this graduation plan.

Being Notified of Formal Admission

Upon successfully completing Student Development 100, including the approval of your graduation plan, you will be notified of your formal admission to the Bachelor of General Studies Program. You may then proceed by enrolling in those courses outlined on your approved plan. Any changes you make to your plan must be approved by the BGS Office before you proceed.

Meeting Application Deadlines for Attending Classes

Since Independent Study courses are not semester based, you may enroll in them as soon as you are formally admitted to BGS. However, if you are planning to enroll at BYU for Evening Classes, at the Salt Lake Center, or on campus during spring or summer term, you must be formally admitted, which includes completing Student Development 100 by the following deadlines:

To Attend On Campus Be Formally Admitted By
Fall semester August 1
Winter semester December 1
Spring term April 1
Summer term June 1
Your formally admitted BGS status automatically grants you registration eligibility for these classes.

FERPA Policy

By an act of Congress, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy of your educational record. The nature of the bachelor of general studies degree often requires the dissemination of information by telephone, letter, fax, email, or some other distance communication method. To comply with FERPA regulations, we require your BYU identification number before releasing any personally identifiable or educational information. We can only provide this information directly to you, the student. Please do not ask a spouse, friend, or relative to request this information for you. You may view the full provisions of this act online at ferpa.byu.edu.