BGS Graduate: Kathy

Kathy with her husband

"My dad encouraged his daughters to receive an education and to be successful in whatever we chose to do. I grew up knowing I was smart and capable of anything. The world was wide open, full of possibilities. Education was the vehicle to take advantage of those opportunities.

I attended BYU fresh out of high school with high expectations of earning a college degree. But after two full- and two part-time semesters, I left BYU to work full time and support my husband. However, my heart never let go of the desire for a bachelor’s degree. I held on to my dream, waiting patiently for the next opportunity.

The Lord knows our thoughts and desires and seeks to bless us. So finally, when I was expecting our sixth and final daughter, I discovered the Bachelor of General Studies Program. I qualified for this program—in fact, BYU developed it for adult learners exactly like me! Eagerly I started the program. I was on my way to a BYU degree at last.

As an adult learner, I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey. I am now ready to move on to new experiences. Thank you for the opportunity to gain knowledge, experience, and valuable skills."

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