Enduring to the End of Your Education

Orlo Eyre sitting on cougar statue at graduation

When Orlo Eyre was 21 he took what he thought was a temporary break from school to work to support this family. What started as a break from school turned into a 40-year career with the U.S. Postal Service! Even though Orlo didn’t need to finish his degree to have a successful career, he still loved to learn and wanted to finish what he started at BYU. When Orlo made the phone call to learn about the BGS program he was surprised to hear that after 34 years away from BYU he was considered a continuing student in good standing. Orlo chose the American Studies emphasis so he could study what he loves.


It was hard for Orlo to balance school with his career, family, and personal responsibilities. Orlo said that his secret to success was staying determined and pushing to meet his goal. The education tax credits didn’t hurt either!


One of the highlights of Orlo’s BYU experience was his class in broadcast journalism. Orlo said, “I got my five minutes of fame as a regional analyst on KBYU TV during the 2016 presidential election. I was up there on the panel with all the young students and my grandkids were at home watching me on TV. That class was the culminating experience of my BYU journey, I even got an A!”


Orlo deeply appreciated the support of his wife, children, and grandchildren offered as he finished his Bachelor’s degree. His family brought signs to his graduation and all 21 of his grandchildren cheered for him. Orlo’s family is proud of how he remained determined and sacrificed many long hours to earn his degree. Orlo is happy that he was able to be an example to his children and grandchildren on the importance of setting a goal and sticking with it until the end.


Orlo said, “I feel a sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction. I want to tell other BGS students to just hang in there. You can do it! Remember, it is worth it. And remember to use your tax credits!”

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