family gathering

30 hours

Required Courses

Complete the following core courses: Credit Hours
SFL 160 Introduction to Family Processes
SFL 200 The Eternal Family 3
SFL 210 Human Development 3
SFL 290 Critical Inquiry and Research Methods 3
Complete 15 hours of upper-division core courses from the following:  
SFL 331 Infant Development in the Family 3
SFL 333 Adolescent Development in the Family and Other Social Contexts
SFL 334 Adult Development and Aging in the Family 3
SFL 335 Family Adaptation and Resiliency 3
SFL 351 Socialization Across Childhood 3
SFL 355 Language Development 3
SFL 358 Media, Family, and Human Development 3

BYU 300- or 400-level campus courses (including Salt Lake Center classes) in the School of Family Life may also be used to fill this requirement.

Elective Courses

Complete three hours from the following courses: Credit Hours
SFL 102 Introduction to Interiors 3
SFL 110 Food Preparation in the Home 2
SFL 224 Marriage Enhancement 3
SFL 240 Parenting and Child Guidance 3
SFL 260 Family Finance 3
SFL 359 Child Life in Health Care Settings 3
Any courses not used in upper–division core requirement above.