Filling Course Requirements

BGS course and credit requirements can be filled by:

  • Courses completed through BYU Independent Study.
  • Courses completed at the BYU Salt Lake Center.
  • Courses completed through BYU Evening Classes.
  • Courses completed at BYU during spring and summer terms (formally admitted BGS students may attend day or evening classes during spring and summer terms).

As a formally admitted BGS student you can complete all remaining degree requirements by taking BYU Independent Study courses from anywhere in the world. You also have registration eligibility to attend the BYU Salt Lake Center, Evening Classes, and on campus during spring and summer terms.

Note: Once you are admitted to the BGS Program, you will take all remaining courses through BYU. Pre–approvals for earning and transferring credit from accredited colleges and universities after submitting a BGS application are given only for special circumstances to fill the Languages of Learning university core requirement with a foreign language.