BYU Salt Lake Center

In addition to Independent Study, as a BGS student you are granted registration eligibility that makes it possible for you to enroll in classes at the BYU Salt Lake Center. You do not need to apply to the individual department.

The BYU Salt Lake Center, located in downtown Salt Lake City, extends the Provo campus into the Salt Lake Valley and surrounding areas. Over 100 undergraduate university courses are offered each semester, some in the daytime and others in the evening, making enrollment convenient. These courses provide additional options for BGS students to fill degree requirements.

How to contact the BYU Salt Lake Center

Phone: 801–933–9400
Address: BYU Salt Lake Center
345 West North Temple St.
3 Triad Center, Suite 300
Salt Lake City, UT 84180

How Do Salt Lake Center Courses Work?

Courses taught at the BYU Salt Lake Center are the same semester-based classes as those taught during the day at BYU. Current class schedules, tuition rates, and registration deadlines are available online at Salt Lake Center courses are represented in the online class schedule by the words Salt Lake next to the section numbers.

How Do I Register for a Salt Lake Center Course?

As an admitted BGS student, you will automatically have registration eligibility to enroll for courses at the Salt Lake Center. You will register for these classes and pay tuition using the university’s online registration system.