Will My Past Credits Count?

The BGS degree is designed to use as much as possible of your previously earned credit. Most credits will count toward total credit hours and will be evaluated upon formal application to determine the specific requirements they will fill.

Credits earned previously through BYU

When you apply to BGS, your credits are evaluated for current requirements they may fill.

Credits earned previously at other accredited colleges and universities

"98% of BGS graduates agree or strongly agree that they would recommend the program to a friend."

All current work at other colleges/universities must be completed before applying to the BGS Program. When you apply to BGS, your credits are evaluated for acceptance for transfer as well as for filling specific requirements.

Note: Credit earned more than eight years before admission or readmission to BGS (including transfer credit) will be accepted to meet university core or major graduation requirements at the discretion of the university. Furthermore, transfer courses with grades below C– will not be used to fill BYU university core requirements or emphasis requirements.