I have never attended BYU. Am I still eligible for the BGS Program?
How can I find out if I am academically eligible for the BGS Program?
My prior credits are really old. Will they apply to the BGS Program?
BYU already has my transcript from another school. Do I need to send it again?
Can I receive credit for my life experience?
Can I find out before I apply what classes I will have left to take in the BGS Program?
What forms and fees are required for application to the BGS Program?
How long does the application process take?
What are the costs involved in the BGS Program?
Is financial aid available for BGS students?
Can I finish with the major I started on campus?
Can I take classes at a local college and transfer them to the BGS Program?
How long will it take me to graduate?
Can I participate in commencement exercises on campus?
What can I do with a BGS degree?