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BYU Net ID: All BGS applicants need a BYU Net ID (a unique personal network identifier) and password. Contact the BGS office to create a new Net ID or to determine if one already exists. Please do not create a duplicate Net ID or you will have multiple BYU records that will not tie together.

Use the following format: ###-###-####
Use the following format: ###-###-####
You may choose two if undecided.

Note: We will always provide an evaluation of the emphasis you are closest to completing.

School History

Besides BYU, list all accredited institutions previously attended, including LDS Institutes of Religion (if classes were taken for credit). 









If you have additional schools to list, please email

All transcripts from previously attended colleges and universities that have not already been transferred to BYU should be mailed from the institution directly to BYU Bachelor of General Studies, 102 Harman Continuing Education Building, Provo, UT 84602-1515. Digital transcripts may be emailed to (Note: You do not need to request BYU transcripts.)


Credit Criteria

  • As a former BYU student, you have been away from BYU for more than two years or have already completed a minimum of 90 credits (exam credit excluded).
  • You have completed a minimum of 27 semester hours of BYU on-campus credit in Provo as an admitted day student (exam credit excluded). 
  • You have never completed a bachelor’s or higher degree.

Note: If you do not meet all of the above criteria, you are not currently eligible for admission to the BGS Program.



Academic Standing Criteria

  • You are in good standing (academic, financial, etc.) at all universities attended.
  • You have a 2.0 or higher BYU and cumulative GPA.

Note: If you do not currently meet these criteria, please contact the BGS office to find out how you may become eligible.



Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png pdf.

Please mail a photocopy of your driver’s license, marriage certificate, or Social Security card showing your current name to:

BYU Bachelor of General Studies
102 HCEB
770 E University Pkwy
Provo UT 84602-1515





Pay the $35 nonrefundable Bachelor of General Studies application fee.

Follow instructions for “Pay Application Fee” at

Send check to:

BYU Bachelor of General Studies
102 Harman Continuing Education Building
Provo, UT 84602-1515

Make check payable to Brigham Young University.


Complete the online Ecclesiastical Endorsement. The online ecclesiastical endorsement can be found at Click on "Student" to begin. After completing your part, you must be interviewed by your LDS bishop or branch president and by a member of your current stake or district presidency before these leaders can complete your endorsement online. Non-LDS applicants must be interviewed by an LDS bishop or the BYU Chaplain. Please contact BGS if you need help locating a bishop.

Note: Your application is complete once we have received the completed BGS application form, the $35 application fee, all transcripts from other universities attended that are not already on file, and the completed online ecclesiastical endorsement.

If you are planning to enroll at BYU for Evening Classes, at the Salt Lake Center, or on campus during spring or summer term, you must be formally admitted to the BGS Program, which includes completing Student Development 100, by the following deadlines: August 1 for fall semester, December 1 for winter semester, April 1 for spring term, and June 1 for summer term.

Full Disclosure: Failure to answer any of the questions contained in this application or failure to provide a letter of explanation, if applicable, will leave your application in an incomplete status. Furthermore, failure to disclose and submit all documents required for admission, including transcripts from each institution in which you have been or are currently enrolled, or any falsification of information required for admission consideration, may result in immediate suspension and loss of all credit earned at BYU.

By my electronic signature below, I hereby certify that all statements in this application are complete and true and acknowledge that my admission to and continuing status at Brigham Young University’s Bachelor of General Studies Program are conditional on such completeness and truthfulness.